Sai Santhosh


Highly skilled technology professional with advanced experience in web and software application development proficient in supporting software, and solving complex problems with a proven track record of happy management and grateful clients. Adept at web application development: Angular, Bootstrap, PHP, JavaScript. A machine learning and deep learning enthusiast who has worked extensively on Python and R. Experienced with creating applications from scratch and deploying them on server. Consistently managed numerous simultaneous technical projects.


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I am

  • Sai

I am

  • 25 years old !


  • React !
  • PHP !
  • Python !
  • JavaScript !




  • Facebook - Codazen

    July 2018 - Nov 2019

    Built high performance, web-based applications with React and PHP for Facebook products. Notable work includes Portal & Oculus from Facebook.Implemented HTML layouts in React/JSX based on wireframes. Worked extensively on Facebook’s CMS and integrated CMS objects with codebase. Used advanced tools/frameworks like Dataswarm Pipelines, EntSchema, Memcache & Async Tier to scrape Used React Hooks to build all new React components. Built secure, scalable API’s using GraphQL and participated in design of database models. Followed test driven development for building UI components using React & XHP. Implemented advanced concepts like Pagination and Refetch using GraphQL.

  • Masters - Computer Science

    2016 - 2018

    I hold a Master's degree holder in Computer Science from California State University, Fullerton. My education was mainly focused on Front End Web Development and Databases. Some of the notable coursework include: Web Front End Engineering, Advanced Database Management Systems & Software Design. I learned a lot about PHP and React as I was going through my courses. Some of the major projects include: CarSharePoint, Kalyani Enterprises.

  • Tata Consultancy Services

    Nov 2015 - Mar 2016

    Right after I graduated, I started working for TCS. I developed a homemade CMS, CRM and e-mail marketing system. The CMS was used for a dozens of clients, as well as the e-mail marketing system. I also created a lot of custom made web sites/applications for internal teams. Later, I developed some landing pages for in-house applications. Although my stay here was short, I learned a lot about how projects are dealt with in a big company. I learned a whole lot about application development in a fast paced and team environment.

  • Bachelors - Computer Engineering

    2011 - 2015

    My Bachelors degree was mainly focused on Java-based programming, but I also learned a lot about SQL, PHP, MVC, UML and more. During my time in college, I specialized in databases. Here I learned about dynamic databases and the importance of OOP, Web, User Experience and Design.

  • Kalyani Enterprises

    Apr 2013 - May 2016

    I started working at KE when I was pursuing my Bachelors in Computer Engineering. This was a very huge leap that I made into professional industry. I worked as an Application Developer. Since the company was in need of a website for business establishment, I took this up as challenge and created Kalyani Enterprises website all by myself. During my journey at Kalyani Enterprises, I learnt a lot of JavaScript and PHP. My work at this firm also allowed me to establish my reputation as freelance Web Developer.

  • High School

    I graduated highschool, where I enjoyed doing science, math, physics and chemistry. I realized in my 10th grade of school that I wanted to do something with websites, and so I started making small JavaScript based applications.



  • WebStorm - By JetBrains
  • Eclipse JEE
  • Notepad++
  • Anaconda Navigator (Python)
  • Github Desktop / Git Client
  • Netbeans IDE
  • Angular CLI
  • Node
  • Microsoft Suite
  • MySQL Workbench
  • PHP MYAdmin
  • Eclipse IDE

Languages / Frameworks

  • React
  • PHP
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • Java SE8
  • Python
  • R
  • NoSQL
  • SQL

Still Learning

  • Angular
  • Android Programming
  • Ember
  • CSS Animations
  • Algorithms
  • Data Structures


Respace - Event Management Software
Kalyani Enterprises | Paints & Coatings Consultancy Services
Dynamic Query Forms for Database Queries (IEEE)
Apache Kafka - Message Queuing System (Realtime Analytics)
CarShare Point
ToDo List
Sticky Notes
Calev - Calendar Bookings

Deep Learning Projects

Object Detection Using Tensorflow, DIGITS & YoloV2
Facial Expression Recognition
Sentiment Analysis of Opinionated Data

Contact Me


27960 Cabot Rd,
Laguna Niguel, CA - 92677